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"Learning is not a spectator sport."

Let's PLAY!

At Orchard Drive Elementary students are scheduled one fifty minute period of physical education most weeks of the school year. During these classes children of kindergarten through fourth grade play. Within the parameters and structure of our safe p.e. classes, students play to learn, learn to play, learn through play, and play just to play.

Your child will have fun and be an active learner in Orchard Drive Physical Education.

Of course the p.e. class at Orchard Drive will offer the requirements set forth by district personnel and approved by the Jackson R-2 Board of Education. You will find included in the course many of the items you see discussed on typical physical education curriculum pages and planners; locomotor skills, manipulative skills, fitness elements, lead-up games, movement exploration activities are but a portion.

In addition, opportunity for your child to socially interact in a variety of games, activities, and cooperatives, while "in the moment" of being a child at play, is provided. Inherent in the structure of the course offerings are opportunities for the student to follow directions, display courtesy toward others, and accept correction for growth and development.

A wise administrator once said, "A student will learn from his teacher. A student will learn more if he likes his teacher." That is our aim at Orchard Drive Elementary Physical Education. If a child likes and develops trust in her teacher, that child may be more likely to try something new, take risk, or experiment with trial and error. Imagine that, children involved in research while at play. Sounds like a fun way to learn, for students ages 5 - 8, in an active educational environment.

Your child is going to have fun learning in Orchard Drive Elementary Physical Education.

Let's PLAY!

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